Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Think I Just Fell In Love Again!

Day 2 of my Challenge to myself; I haven't posted in a while to give people a Fitness and Health Journey Update! 

I do plan on making more regular posts regarding my #journey with #P90X3 and #T25.  I was going to do #BodyBeast, however, with my MS the beast inside has made it a little too painful for my liking.  So I have decided to do these programs instead.  

Yes I pushed myself today with #T25- #Speed101 & #P90X3 #AgilityX ! Finishing with a scoop of #P90XR&R (Results &Recovery) in my #Shakeology! Not sure if two workouts was the right thing to do today, I am sure I will find out tomorrow what the #MSBeast has thought of it!

However, I am very impressed with how #ShaunT and #Tony push you through these #workouts and before you know it you cooling down. 25- 30 minutes each! I am excited to follows Tonys eating plan in the P90X3 manual. 

Today I am feeling much better.  After talking to a fellow coach last night, making me realize I have so many things here available to learn and apply in my everyday life. Not only to better and stay on top of my health but most importantly, to help others do the same. Just in sharing what I am doing. Showing what works and what doesn't work, for me anyway.  #Knowledge and #education is the one thing no one can take from us.

We sometimes close ourselves off to things in life thinking we are protecting ourselves from harm, when we are only closing ourselves off to some magnificent things life has to offer. 

Thanks Coach!

With #CoachSherryGirl
388 Calories Burned

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