Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I am on a roll! Workout Check In

Day 3; Think I am on a roll here with my Winter T25, P90X3 Challenge to better health! 

Well I must say today I was pumped to press play, impressed that both Focus T25 & P90X3 actually worked together today on our calendar ! T25 being Total Body Circuit, being cardio and P90X3 was X3Yoga. 

Being the first time I did Focus T25 Total Body Circuit, I think I did fairly well. I struggled to keep up with the modifier, although I pushed myself, and thought Shaun T was tying to give me a heart-attack! Looking at my Hart rate monitor and knowing how I was feeling, I am thinking I may need new batteries in this technology gadget !  It was tough! I had to stop a couple times to pull myself together as I thought I was going to puke. LOL 

I am thinking maybe I had too much in my stomach to do a workout?  I had a cup of Green Tea when I got up followed my 1/2 of a banana with my P90XE&E ( Energy and Endurance). Or maybe I just pushed myself too hard? But,, when I to came to doing my P90X3, X3Yoga I was looking forward to it.

This being he second time in doing the X3Yoga, I was ready for the moves and it did make it easier to move on to the next pose with Tony Horton. I feel he has really done a great job with this program so far.  I am impressed with how he keeps me going and moving even by modifying. Normally in the past doing Yoga was a problem for my MS.  I find Tony doesn't stay to long in one pose without moving on to another. Which is great for me, as I feel, I don't over stretch my muscles and I haven't gotten spasticity in either times I have done this Yoga Workout. Any other time I have tried Yoga my muscles throughout my body shake uncontrollably.

In general, I feel I did pretty good today.  On top of it all, I burned 434 calories within my workouts today! Yay me! 

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