Thursday, April 30, 2020

Meditation benefits with or without Multiple Sclerosis

Meditation and how it benefits Multiple Sclerosis  Meditation has been practised for thousands of years.  Which is why I thought I would at lest give it a try.  It is intend to alter our state of consciousness without using drugs.  It helps get the core to open the heart and develop a more stable balance and calmer mind.

It encourages and heightens state of awareness and focused attention. People use meditation in; religion, for spiritual  and therapeutic reasons. There are many types of meditation that can be practised with many health benefits.

Living today in our modern world with our hectic lifestyles our body is often in a chronic state of stress, giving our body the “fight or flight" response state within our nervous system.  over time, this dampens levels of dopamine and serotonin in the brain, our “feel good” neurotransmitters. Low levels of these neurotransmitters are commonly associated with the loss of; pleasure, gastrointestinal issues, weakened immune systems, tension, anxiety and depression.

There are many types of meditation that is practised and are for different reasons.  Guided meditation is for the beginner and I find the easies to follow.  It is guided by voice talking to you you to where your thoughts and mind should focus on, as our minds have a tendency to wonder.  

The three most common guided meditation are: mindfulness, stress reduction and relaxation. Which you can find a short meditation is used at the end of most Yoga sessions, as Meditation and Yoga are often practised together. 

Stated from the National Multiple Sclerosis Society;  "The relaxing benefits of yoga may also help manage the unique challenges of MS, such as lying in an MRI machine for extended periods of time, receiving injections or infusions, staying calm during an exacerbation and focusing when meeting with your health care professionals."
It is also proven that yoga decreased fatigue and other medical conditions.  Reports say that they find improvements in anxiety, depression, fatigue, bladder function, pain, spasticity, weakness and walking. There personal reports and saying that yoga can help sexual function. For general health of people with or without Multiple Sclerosis, yoga may improve arthritis pain, reduce blood pressure, and promote weight loss. 

You can also find free meditation through a search on internet or any of these apps like; Facebook, Mindfulness, Headspace, YouTube and many more.

Have you tried Meditation?  How did it help you? I would love to hear your opinion below. 

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