Monday, January 12, 2015

Beautiful Winters Day

I decided after my funky side affects of skiing the other day, that MS through at me, that my thoughts where that maybe snow shoeing may be a little easier on my self today.  I am not sure yet if i have over done it today. My body lets me know within 24 hours if I over exerted myself, bye the MS symptoms that a pear from no where. Like Saturday evening I was overwhelmed and had off and on vision blurriness and was totally existed yesterday.
Beautiful Sky out snowshoeing with MS
Today, I did push myself to go snow shoeing.  With the sun shining and it being such a beautiful day out, I had to at lest go for a short adventure. Plus, I thought it would also give my dogs some well needed exercise.  I was sure they would burn some of that energy they had wading in the snow. I was right.  They are all now sleeping curled up by the wood stove!

Looking back while doing my MS therapy, Snow Shoeing in OntarioThe beauty of the sun shining through the fresh fallen snow on the trees, I couldn't help myself but to take pictures!  The beauty of nature.  The sound of the dried leaves on the trees blowing in the wind was music to my ears. Isn't it funny how once we get sick and so much has been taken from us, that we some how enjoy the little things in life that we use to take for granted.  I am feeling blessed that I am able to still do the outdoor activities that I enjoyed so much as a young teen. 

Beautiful Sky in Ontario Winter 2015, MS Therapy Snow ShoeingEven though I do find it difficult and take many breaks, I know I will physically benefit from pushing my limits, when the warmer months come. Experiencing from winters in the past, not only will I loose some weight but my flexibility, balance and endurance will be improved by then. I am feeling how difficult it has become from over doing it last winter and fulling short on my plan to build myself up. I am determined that this year will not be a repeat of that.  

Unbroken trail! My great therapy for Multiple SclerosisOnce I feel a little more confidant that I can invite some others to join me.  My daughter Sharmaine was my snow shoe buddy a few years back while she lived at home.  Last winter I did manage to get out with my nabour who loves snow shoeing as well.  For the time being pacing myself and getting through the struggles of a new activity always makes me feel I must do in private.  Maybe its the venerability of allowing others to actually see my struggles is uncomfortable for me.  As a woman who started working in the construction field when woman where not excepted in a male dominated work profession.  Now it is no big deal seeing woman excelling in this area. Maybe it's a little of my pride/ego too.

MS and Living Life My therapy for Multiple SclerosisFreshly fallen snow in Northern Ontario

I have posted a few pictures of the beauty I experienced today on my adventure though our property. Until next time.... Never Give Up and know Its' Never too late.....

Saturday, January 10, 2015

2015 Playing It Forward

Today I managed to push myself out the door and went Cross Country Skiing, despite the is cool  weather being -12'C w/Wind Chills being -18!. Warmer then it has been mind you.  As this is the first time in 2 years!  The snow is deep and I am thankful my dogs went in front of me following a privies broken trail, to make it much easier for me.  It still was a hard leg workout, however I managed without falling. I feel very proud of myself and is a great accomplishment  being my balance has been slightly off.
My legs are sore and I am hoping my after workout drink replenishes my muscles. I have added a scoop of creatine to also help prevent tomorrows soreness of my activity.  I was only out there for 30 minutes, but seems much longer.  It feels good to get out and do something that I use to love doing as a child growing up.

It has been 3 hours since I have came in to rest.  Hoping that I have not over done it as I am feeling head pressure and my eyes hurt as well as pulsing/twitching. That is okay, I do know its just the MS monster within that is trying to stop me from moving once again.

Looking out as I write this now, it appears I went at the right time of the day, as the wind is blowing trees and are waving and blowing the snow off the branches.

Until Next Time.  Never Give Up and its never too late.....