Thursday, June 25, 2015

My 1st Book Review

Those who know me well, know that I enjoy reading, I preferably and absolutely love audio books.  Not just any type of books like; Romance, Fiction, Biographies but they must be self development and self improvement.  Something I can learn from.  Something to better myself, my way of living, health or how I deal with others, in a positive way. I don’t like to sit and reed books as there always seems so much to do and enjoy.  If I am going to sit, I want it to be to relax and let my mind be at ease, bye watching a movie or sit at my computer to each out to others around the world or to share my thoughts. I look at my life as we all have a certain amount of time given to us, and we must use it wisely. So audio books are my way of multitasking, getting the job done and educating myself at the same time. 


Women Who Love Too Much. When you keep hoping & Wishing He Would Change.  
~By Robin Norwood

A book I never would have thought would profoundly change my outlook on myself and my life.  It really touched home for me. This author shared stories of different level of abuse and dysfunctional relationships within there homes and with friends around them and how they where being controlled and affected.  

These women where from all levels of society, who loved their partners, regardless of their unhealed issues. Leaving them feeling that they can fix and heal their partners if only they could do this or that and get them to see and change. Though all their anger and addictions it left so many feeling alone, hurt and feeling they didn’t do enough. Blaming themselves. Some women not even realizing they are in abusive relationships. Some how I could find some similarities of my life and past relationships and the things I tried to do to control the out come of some situations.

Later the author shows you that we need to start with ourselves,  To heal our own wounds and learn to love and treat our selves in a loving respectful way, using this as an example to others around us.  We need to learn to believe, love ourselves and get in touch with our own inter-voice. Become responsible for our own well-being and be confident in ourselves, so we don’t fall pray to these kinds of relationships and people in our lives.

I learned that by my own standard I will not except to be treated any less then I treat myself or others. I am not responsible for anyone but myself in any relationship.  How they act or react is not my choice or under my control. Others are their own person and as an adult they are very much capable of making their own choices, good or bad. That they themselves will experience the consequences of their actions. We as people can not control others but be there to listen and be there for them when needed. 

I believe by following this and living it, my relationships and friendships are stressful for myself, not only more open, enjoyable but richer and fulfilling. 
MS and Living Life...

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