Thursday, January 16, 2014

Winter is a gift from God for us with MS, Multiple Sclerosis.

Day 4 of my fitness journey I Nailed T25 Ab Intervals. It was tough but P90X3 The Challenge was even tougher! Wow!  I was really amazed with this workout.  

I am feeling stronger.  My legs are feeling not only stronger but toned.  My jeans feel like they are fitting different.  Funny how when you get yourself back into a fitness routine you feel yourself walk different.  Like I felt today when I was out, I am starting to carry myself different. I know it has only been 4 days of pushing play but I am on a roll and it is becoming a part of my morning routine.  Just want I it!  I need this!  I need this constancy to help gain strength on this hidden beast in side me.  I was somewhat disappointed in myself for not completing the P90X3 Challenge workout.  I need to listen to my body and I know with my back being as sore as it has been the last couple of days, this workout, working the back, would not be good.  I did however burn 261 calories in my Focus T25 Ab Interval workout, so it wasn’t like I didn’t workout at all.  Plus, I have been pushing myself to complete two workouts the last 4 days.  Cutting back isn’t going to be a set back. I did however feel totally exhausted this afternoon and when I laid down for a rest, I woke a hour and a half later.  So, my body was needing this to repair and recharge.

This disease is a constant fight not only mentally but physically. I will do this!  I had lost 70 lbs, and it is creeping back on, but not for long!! Winter is a gift for us with MS and I am going to take full advantage of it while to goings good.


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I am on a roll! Workout Check In

Day 3; Think I am on a roll here with my Winter T25, P90X3 Challenge to better health! 

Well I must say today I was pumped to press play, impressed that both Focus T25 & P90X3 actually worked together today on our calendar ! T25 being Total Body Circuit, being cardio and P90X3 was X3Yoga. 

Being the first time I did Focus T25 Total Body Circuit, I think I did fairly well. I struggled to keep up with the modifier, although I pushed myself, and thought Shaun T was tying to give me a heart-attack! Looking at my Hart rate monitor and knowing how I was feeling, I am thinking I may need new batteries in this technology gadget !  It was tough! I had to stop a couple times to pull myself together as I thought I was going to puke. LOL 

I am thinking maybe I had too much in my stomach to do a workout?  I had a cup of Green Tea when I got up followed my 1/2 of a banana with my P90XE&E ( Energy and Endurance). Or maybe I just pushed myself too hard? But,, when I to came to doing my P90X3, X3Yoga I was looking forward to it.

This being he second time in doing the X3Yoga, I was ready for the moves and it did make it easier to move on to the next pose with Tony Horton. I feel he has really done a great job with this program so far.  I am impressed with how he keeps me going and moving even by modifying. Normally in the past doing Yoga was a problem for my MS.  I find Tony doesn't stay to long in one pose without moving on to another. Which is great for me, as I feel, I don't over stretch my muscles and I haven't gotten spasticity in either times I have done this Yoga Workout. Any other time I have tried Yoga my muscles throughout my body shake uncontrollably.

In general, I feel I did pretty good today.  On top of it all, I burned 434 calories within my workouts today! Yay me! 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Think I Just Fell In Love Again!

Day 2 of my Challenge to myself; I haven't posted in a while to give people a Fitness and Health Journey Update! 

I do plan on making more regular posts regarding my #journey with #P90X3 and #T25.  I was going to do #BodyBeast, however, with my MS the beast inside has made it a little too painful for my liking.  So I have decided to do these programs instead.  

Yes I pushed myself today with #T25- #Speed101 & #P90X3 #AgilityX ! Finishing with a scoop of #P90XR&R (Results &Recovery) in my #Shakeology! Not sure if two workouts was the right thing to do today, I am sure I will find out tomorrow what the #MSBeast has thought of it!

However, I am very impressed with how #ShaunT and #Tony push you through these #workouts and before you know it you cooling down. 25- 30 minutes each! I am excited to follows Tonys eating plan in the P90X3 manual. 

Today I am feeling much better.  After talking to a fellow coach last night, making me realize I have so many things here available to learn and apply in my everyday life. Not only to better and stay on top of my health but most importantly, to help others do the same. Just in sharing what I am doing. Showing what works and what doesn't work, for me anyway.  #Knowledge and #education is the one thing no one can take from us.

We sometimes close ourselves off to things in life thinking we are protecting ourselves from harm, when we are only closing ourselves off to some magnificent things life has to offer. 

Thanks Coach!

With #CoachSherryGirl
388 Calories Burned