Thursday, January 16, 2014

Winter is a gift from God for us with MS, Multiple Sclerosis.

Day 4 of my fitness journey I Nailed T25 Ab Intervals. It was tough but P90X3 The Challenge was even tougher! Wow!  I was really amazed with this workout.  

I am feeling stronger.  My legs are feeling not only stronger but toned.  My jeans feel like they are fitting different.  Funny how when you get yourself back into a fitness routine you feel yourself walk different.  Like I felt today when I was out, I am starting to carry myself different. I know it has only been 4 days of pushing play but I am on a roll and it is becoming a part of my morning routine.  Just want I it!  I need this!  I need this constancy to help gain strength on this hidden beast in side me.  I was somewhat disappointed in myself for not completing the P90X3 Challenge workout.  I need to listen to my body and I know with my back being as sore as it has been the last couple of days, this workout, working the back, would not be good.  I did however burn 261 calories in my Focus T25 Ab Interval workout, so it wasn’t like I didn’t workout at all.  Plus, I have been pushing myself to complete two workouts the last 4 days.  Cutting back isn’t going to be a set back. I did however feel totally exhausted this afternoon and when I laid down for a rest, I woke a hour and a half later.  So, my body was needing this to repair and recharge.

This disease is a constant fight not only mentally but physically. I will do this!  I had lost 70 lbs, and it is creeping back on, but not for long!! Winter is a gift for us with MS and I am going to take full advantage of it while to goings good.


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