Friday, June 24, 2016

My MS Update June 2016

Today I thought I would reach out and give you, my loyal readers and update on my health.  I know I haven't posted in a few months.  I am sorry for this as I know with reading blogs' we often like to have regular updates to read.

This picture was to record today's MS Physiotherapy.  I walked 3.75 miles this morning in a hour and a half. A couple years ago, I managed to walk this in an hour.  I am getting there.  Early mornings, and determination, I know I will get there again.

I have been really focusing on my health, physically and mentally.  With spring comes flare ups with my Multiple Sclerosis and some season changes are worse for me then others. I have been reassured by the results of my recent MRI, that my MS is not progressing. I have no changes in this MRI or new damage done since my previous MRI a year ago. This is great news! I am happy to share this with you as it is great news with all the symptoms and what seems as flare ups I have had this last year.  Once again conforming that they are; Pseudo-Relapses that I have been experiencing. Seems just as a relapse only no damage is being done as my Copaxzone daily injections are working. Preventing my immune system from removing the myelin coating on my nerves.

Even though I am experiencing; Extreme Emotions,  Unitary Urgency, face twitching, memory issues, fatigue, difficulty sleeping and a few other things.  I know these will eventually ease off and go away as the season of summer comes to an end.  Mean time I will keep walking as much as I can. Stay cool in my pool or cold showers, try and nap when needed.  I will continue to concentrate on nutrition and hydrate my body with lots of water daily.

Some of you know, MS is not an easy disease to live with.  I believe we have to keep a positive outlook on our life to keep it managed. We all have bad days with or without illness in our lives.  I just try not to make it out to be worse then it is.  I try not to focus on the negative things it has done to me or taken from me...... as it will only make things harder to deal with.

Keep cool and make the best out of each day. Until next time. Take care of yourself!
Let me know how you are doing this summer....
Looking forward in hearing from you.