Sunday, December 28, 2014

Soon a good bye to 2014

WOW! I can't believe it’s been almost a year since my last post! Seems to be the way it goes! Summer months are the hardest on me.  This past year (2014), has really dragged on.  I have really been fighting to keep my Monster In His Box!  It really has been a constant struggle.

As I type  I am thinking about the year that has past. I have found new ways to look at living my life. I have a new attitude maybe learned from the books I have read as well as my daily life’s struggles.  Reminiscing over this past year, brings thoughts of the people that have passed, those who have came back into my life, as well as those that are new aquittances, making my year better and hopeful in looking at the new year that approaches. Hoping to put the new learned things into action.

Although I have experienced medium exasperations and fatigue, off and on thought out this time, I have still got a good report from my Nero regarding my MS.  I have the plans of starting a new approach to my eating.  A Dr Terry Wahls has finally published her Wahls Protocol Book this year in USA, soon to be released in Canada.  I however not only have purchased and downloaded a copy from IBook but also ITunes so I can lesson to the audio version. This is very exciting for me as it promotes a new way of healthy eating, Polio style and active living. The only concern is its wheat, sugar and dairy free.  I have done the sugar and gluten free years before I was diagnosed but the thought of giving up Milk and Cheese.  Now that, I will be a challenge!

Now to you as my reader, I do plan to share more of this journey through out this year.  I have tried to rearrange things to hope share what works for me.