Monday, December 16, 2013

Where is MS taking me or I am I going there because of having MS?

Today was my annual 6 month visit with my neurologist. This visit once again is making me question If I need a doctor who specializes in MS?  (Which he has stated in past visits that in my case it maybe a good idea.) 

I did get a good report saying my Copaxzone needs to continue, as he feels it's working a I have no progression. I also need too increase my exercise, reaching my previous level or higher of physical ability and activity. ( reminding me he currently does not have a MS patient that is as active as I am and doing as well either!) 

However proceeding in my appointment, I started asking him for different tests regarding   New treatments they are finding may eliminate symptoms .....being dumbfounded,  He shook his head, looked at me as though I had 3 heads!  Suggested I go back to my family doctor and look into it further as he had no knowledge if this. I do trust this man and his medical opinion, don't get me wrong here. I appreciated this mans honesty and bluntness, which is probably why I look forward to our visits. Besides the fact he is kinda cute in his own way! LoL 

Now he had me thinking.... What? Isn't he suppose to know about this?   What am I just someone they are putting through the process and  waiting for me to get worse? Each time I go he seems amazed at how I am handling life's situations and it's #stress that is throws upon me. So,  is he waiting for me to fail, hit remission or is he taking notes to #help others who are struggling?  Maybe that is it? 

Thinking back last year at this time he did ask if he could give my name and number to a few patients that may need my TBB Team Beach Body coaching to help them deal with their illness.... 

Still I am left with the questions where and when I can get these few #tests? Just  to see if these simple affordable treatments, they have found would benefit me? 

So my next task, is find this information again, print it out and this time and demand for this to be done!  Why would I want 1 year of simple treatment to eliminate symptoms to give me a better quality of living?

Finding someday I will not have to #injecting myself daily with chemicals  that we have no idea if it is benefiting me by slowing down or stopping this disease from progressing which does create it's own side affects! 

I will not give into this beast!!! I want my life back I once had, at lest close to it! I realize everything happens for a reason. I just want to enjoy my life positively, and that it will! 

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