Wednesday, February 24, 2016

MS'ers Weight Loss Journey with Weight Watchers Week 6

Yes, I joined Weight Watchers online six weeks ago now. I joined online to assist in my weight loss journey. I find it is much more difficult to loose weight while I fight the MS Monster within. Looking back on my past, in my younger years in school at track meets and such. It is easy to recall how I struggled physically with exercise or activity. I thought I was just out of shape or over weight at the time. Now I realize that the struggle and silent fight to stop my activity inside my body was everything but normal. As it seems the MS Monster, doesn't like my body being stronger than him. Suprising he knows the fight is on to get him in that box and lock him in there! 

Online is great now with the connect support you can get from others. It isn't the same as attending meetings in person. So I decided to attend the local meetings 3 weeks ago. Wednesday is our weigh in day and there is no meeting this week, being tonight. So weighed in on my scale which gives the same results. I am down 5.1 lbs. in a week. Thinking it's more due to having strep throat but I'll take it anyway. Total weight lost is 8.9 lbs. Yay me! ⭐️

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