Thursday, November 5, 2015

November 5th, Thankful the Beautiful Fall Weather

Today I am so thankful for so much. The weather was so beautiful.  This morning we woke with the sun burning the fog off the water and trees around our pond.

I sat on the porch to drink my coffee as the sun beamed through the tree tops. The birds where singing welcoming its, presence.  The warmth reached out and started the day off just right.  

Oh yes! I got out for my walk!  I managed to push myself up this gigantic hill, without stopping!

Reaching the top always give the beautiful view of Lake Bernard!  Gives a great since of a achievement for myself.  My legs where killing me as I pushed myself not to quit. 

Not to mention I had the company of my daughter with me.  She always seems to be there to push me to exercise and keep my legs moving.  Which is great, because she doesn't allow me to give in to the MS monster within, who seems to think I shouldn't be active.  It is like a constant battle with MS to keep it from laying around on the couch. 

I am so thankful for the sun and beautiful temperatures today of 20'C/62'F.  Also for the company because I am sure I wouldn't have attempted to walk to the top of that hill if I where by myself today.   This did allow me to complete my old three and a half mile walk.  I am also thankful for the recovery drink I consumed after I got home to repair my leg muscles. I know it always helps for the evening and the next days activities.

What did you do today in this wonderful weather? Please let me know in the comments bellow.

Have a wonderful day!

MS and Living Life.

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