Friday, November 6, 2015

How Apple Technology with MS makes my life so much more enjoyable

I am so thankful for my Apple Products!

I just red a complete blog post, that took me five minutes and I don't remember anything about it! Have you ever had that problem?

Man, I hate it when this happens to me! So, yes I go back and try and reed it again.  Today seems okay but, somedays I find my eyes wont even focus on the letters on the screen at alone the words.  Realizing my eyes are reading but I an not taking in the information.  Also at times my eyes are jumping all over and can not focus on the lettering.   Some days making it bigger does help! It does get frustrating. So, I enjoy the days the monster within isn't trying to play jokes on me.  


I must say, apple and their I products like my; MacBook Air, iPhone, or iPad, I just couldn't want to live without anymore!  I am sorry people that are android lovers. I don't know much about android, but I am sold on Apple.  Android may have these features?

I absolutely love Apples built in function of  selecting text, then having it to read to me! This helps me write these blog posts.  Helps with my spelling as well as making the content sound the way I want it to for, you the reader.  I am sure there are programs one can use for this use as well for other systems. Plus, for myself, I now find it hard to learn new technology so I prefer to stick with apple products for now.  I started out years ago using Windows.  Apple and Mac products in my opinion at this time, far pass the functions I now depend on.

Selecting Text to read to you! 

You see, often when people with Multiple Sclerosis, M S, have vision and comprehension problems. Sometimes due to a flare up or even just being a symptom, the M S monster within is trying to toy with us on that day. 

I still have so much to learn on this lap top with the new technology of these times. Only if I could have had this when  I was in school, like they do now! I think back, and remember all the struggles I had. Which played with my own self worth and confidence.

I remember, one grade being an exceptional student.  I was reading and writing learning so much then, BAM! Starting the next school year not being able to read a thing. Not remembering what I reed and was struggling with Math. Thinking there was something wrong with me.  I am thankful my teachers noticed, my struggles and gave me the extra attention I needed.  But non of us had a clue it was, possibly,  M S!

Another function I love about my iPhone is  that I can talk into it and it types everything out. Then if it is an email or text, Siri will send it off for me!  Although I haven't figured all my functions on my MacAir, I am happy with the iPhone and iPad being capable of doing what I use it for. I mainly use my iPhone. Looking things up on google, it is a treat to have my phone read all the information for me.  On my bad days it actually helps me remember what is in the article.

Sitting at my MacAir, or what some may call it, [Lap Top] I do find while creating my blog post, I am more creative using my fingers to type. It gives me a more hands on feeling that I am speaking to my readers. 

Speaking of speaking to my readers.  Just as most phones now have the capabilities of creating videos.   Which honestly, is something I would like to implement in my blog posts in the future. For those like me that have bad days, and would rather watch the video instead of trying to reading an article.

I would like to hear how technology has helped you! Please feel free share this with me by commenting in the comment section bellow this post.

Wishing you a wonderful day.

MS and Living Life. 


  1. What a great read! I also love my iPhone. It is nice seeing how new technology does help make living with any disability so much easier! Loving your Blog posts.

    1. Thank you for your Comment Lilly! Glad to hear from one of my readers. Have a wonderful day.


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