Thursday, October 22, 2015

Fall season is a glimmer of hope with MS

As autumn/fall arrives, we with MS always look forward to the ability to get out doors and once again push ourselves to be active. A relief of the summer heat, a brighter hope for a new beginning to life and strive for a healthier living. Accompanied by the cooler temperatures changing colours of the leaves.  This feels like, the moment the butterfly realizes he is no longer in his cocoon, and stretches is wings for the first time. 

The beginning of a journey that draws us strength and energy to reunite us with the energetic and happy person we know is still deep inside. I speak for those of us with Multiple Sclerosis that are heat sensitive. 

As each year, or season, weather differs. But once again this fall weather the quick fluctuation in temperatures and weather plays a toll on those like myself and my Multiple Sclerosis. This seems to play a roll in weakening our immune systems that is already over worked from constantly fighting our own systems within ourselves daily.  In addition to the fall having fluctuating temperatures and weather comes contact with others.  Being out more with others,  risks them caring every flue or cold bug that gets thrown into our body, our immune system kicks in high gear and starts to fight off everything it sees foreign. 

Keep in mind, people with MS already have weakened immune systems.  In time my body does start to show many MS symptoms do to its activation and fight within. For myself I see this will continue until the "flue or cold bug" becomes full strength. Usually it also takes my MS symptoms away after the illness is taken its full course.

MS symptoms are; nausea  fatigue,  vertigo, brain fog, possibly causing inflammation and extreme pain. Sadly, it often triggers a relapse, or as some call it, an MS Episode. This can last from 3 days to several weeks or even months.

Sometimes these attacks on our bodies do return back to all regular functions.  Reality is each time we experience these flare ups, we risk loosing any one of them, that I have mentioned. Even the most scariest potential loss for me is; the chance of loosing my site and ability to walk. Not a fun time wondering if a bodily function that has been lost, will again return.

I always try to up my vitamin supplements intake; eat a neutrally denced diet along with regular activity to help counteract and assist in my health and well being.  Doing so also helps me bounce back faster from these ill times more so then if I don't follow this routine. In addition, I also find, keeping close to home and little contact with high risk of germ carriers helps too. I make a habit to I remove my gloves and wash my hands upon returning home when I am out.  This way, I can continue to enjoy outside activities keeping my health in check. 

I enjoy walking the most.  I get my cardio, strength and endurance training all in one.  As, long as I listen to my body and don't over do it. I try my best to monitor my progress and slowly increase my activity. Taking recovery drinks, help me maintain the ability to enjoy my walks on a daily bases.  The recovery drink I take, I believe helps my leg muscles recover.  Just as body builders experience taking a recovery drink after a workout.  It is one of my life savers in my plan to stay active.

Like stress, over doing it, can set me back. Flaring up debilitating symptoms within 3 days after the event. I also find if I stop my regular routine activity of walking any distances for anymore then a 3 day streak, I have to start back at the beginning. It can be quite a juggling act. 

Yes remaining active and healthy like, living with MS, can feel and sound like quite a complex process. For me the achievement pays off. The enjoyment of being outdoors, enjoy the weather of fall, and keeping my ability to walk on my own. I also get so many other benefits from my achievements. Weight loss and tone, feeling happier, calm, clarity and feel more confident. Not to forget the quicker recoveries of MS attacks.  

Backing my belief that, I am in control of my disease and it doesn't have control over me.

I have to live with Multiple Sclerosis and I can't fight it.  It isn't going away.....just I always know it's within, waiting for a chance to brake free. I have been thankful for the fall season, as it really does allow me to take control of this monster, giving better chances to live a fun fulfilling, active and healthy winter season. 

How do you like the season of autumn and does it affect you and your health?

Wishing you well, as always.....

MS and Living Life.


  1. I don't know as much as I'd like to about MS, so this was very informative! Your blog is so inspirational, thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you so much for taking time to comment Samantha. You're not alone on the knowledge of MS. It was just one of those things people have tried to sweep under the rug. I believe knoweadge is key to having control over any illness. Sharing my own experiences, I hope to help grow more awareness and understanding about living a life with Multiple Sclerosis. Have a fantastic day!

  3. I have a few friends that suffer from MS. I did not know about being heat sensitive, but my one friend has lost his sight. Luckily, it was only temporary. Thank you for sharing your fight and spreading awareness.

    1. Shann Thank you for sharing as well! Thank goodness it was only temporary! She's lucky to have a friend like you who is there for her. ;)
      Yes, I am sensitive to heat and some others are sensitive to the cold instead. They really don't understand why some are and some aren't as of yet. Research has come along way. Hoping by growing awareness more will understand and we will find a cure.

  4. This is very inspiring. I didn't realize heat was such a big issue. I'm so sorry about that. But I'm so glad that fall is so good. Thanks for sharing!


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