Monday, August 17, 2015

Nature whispers to you, if you're open to listen...

The other night the temperature finally cooled off and something compelled me to strike out to explore the trails on our property. I snowshoe on them in the winter months.  Which that is a season that looks and feels much different then it does now, mid August. 

Walking I find therapeutic and try to walk on a daily basis to help control my Multiple Sclerosis. With the heat wavs we are having this summer I haven't been walking as often as I would like. But that evening it was so peaceful and it was something I really needed. 

As the sounds of nature called out around me. It was in a way, that silenced my inner voice, calming my racing thoughts, giving me a sense of comfort. Feeling I was where I needed to be at that moment in time. 

I felt a presents, a spirit or something greater, come over me. Its' presence, I hadn't exsperianced in a long time. Whispering"...... there is something more to life, then what you have experienced so far....something, exceptional planned for you in time to come. You just needed to be patient and believe ..... " Thus, leaving me question; "Has my life I have been living, all been laid out for me before somehow? Is this all to teach me what I need to know?"

With this rare kind of openness,  I began to notice the smallest of things that nature has created and we seem to over look them in our busy lives. 

Making me realize what a small part of the world we are in. That I am in!  That there is so much more out there to see and experience. Thinking how lucky I am to have this here and experience this place in nature that so many will never see or know it exists. What a gift I have had, growing up in the country surrounded with nature. Somehow it had healed so much pain I had endured at such a young age. 

"Sometimes you Win and sometimes you Lean. " ~JC Macwell  For me, I choose to Learn 

I now know some people will never leave the cities or black top roads to experience what it is like to walk among the forest and trees. To pick wild raspberries from their branches, tasting  how juicy they are .  

In some way, all this makes me feel safe but the same time so alone living in this northern small town.  Our nabours great people which can not be seen but heard from a distance. Yet, leaving one feeling close, if one is in need. We are nabours who know each other and pop in for a visit. I don't do that quite as often as I should. They do leave me feeling closer to them then some of our family members. 

It's impossible to walk in the forest and be in a bad mood at the same time. ~Unknown 

It is amazing how getting out side and going for a walk can be so calming and help clear our minds of our daily struggles. 

Wishing you the peacefulness and the confidence you may need for yourself today. 

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