Friday, March 13, 2015

Karma and Handicapped Parking

Yes I use a handicap permit "WHEN my Multiple Sclerosis is flaring up causing my legs to hurt or weaken when walking distances due to the heat or extreme cold. Which  can even cause my body to shut down. At other times I will park a far distance from the entrance for others also can have closer parking. This will give me the exercise I need to maintain the use of my legs and fight other symptoms of my MS. 

I have even had a man wave his arms and swear pointing at the a #handicap parking sign in front of my car. Although he fails to look in my window for my permit! But for some, that doesn't matter when you look like your total normal healthy person on the outside !

Often I would like to stop and talk to these people who make me feel ashamed of using this parking and explain to them what my illness is. However, usually this is at a time where I really don't have the time or energy to stand out in the cold\heat to explain my circumstances. I have very right to that parking as anyone, anyway! I realize I use to be that person at one time too just not as rude! Oh God, how Karma can bitch slap you in the face! 

Often I find myself still  pulling out of a parking space, I sometimes I feel stares, see rude gestures and people talking and pointing as I ignore their judgemental behaviour.  Even after 5 years I find myself quickly pulling my handicap permit out of my dash and putting it in my glove compartment so no one can see it when it's not in use.  Thinking; "Girl,don't lower yourself to their level by making an ass of yourself.  Just keep going. You have an illness that currently is invisible to others. You know on these days, your come backs and explanations just won't come out right anyway. ..... When they know better, they will do better!  Then I find myself looking up out my sunroof saying ....Thank you for that Maya. 

People who miss use handicap parking really frustrate me too! It is sad how  society  today is getting very cold, bold, uncaring and judgemental in today's world.  So many seem cranky and miserable. Often I hear sighs from impatient people, seeing scowls and cold stares at others in stores, waiting in line or in aisles.  Some just rude and lacking  common courtesy for others, young and the elder. Like really???  Your life is that bad? 

You really should take some time out and chill! You can't say excuse me or help someone with their cart. Maybe help them with their items, even at the check out? Instead of standing watching and rolling their eyes? If you don't like something in your life that much that you feel the need to be so cold and uncaring, maybe you should change it?  Don't take it out on others! Remember; "What you put out you get back!"  

I always say.... For those grumpy people out there that have missed treated me, I hope God\or higher power, lets me sit back and watch his karma work! Just as he has done to me with this parking issue. 

Boy how I see things can change how we look at things when we are in the other side. This illness has taught me more then what the illness can do! It has thought me not only how others can cause so much hurt and pain but how to; set boundaries, raise my standards, forgive, love, to be a friend, to listen, give without expecting anything in return,  compassion, to care and to except others for who and what they are. Also to change the things I can change and except those things I can't change. 

Most of all its thought me that I can do anything I set my mind to and to believe in myself and the strength I am capable of.  

MSAwareness Month March 2015 

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