Friday, October 25, 2013


Well today I wake and my grabbed my workout cloths from the end of my bed and put them on, downed my Pre workout drink.  Set out up my driveway not to sure which direction I was going to go, just knowing I had to fight this fatigue of    so I could get this   back into his #box where he belongs!  I know this week I have been  but now that it is  I know I need to so I can   once again. 

As I enjoyed the cool morning air, as I continued across the highway and down around a block that was more for the distance and not so much for the challenge of the land.  It is a level route pretty much pushing my limits on distance and time. Thought I did pretty good going 3 miles in under an hour burning 310 calories.  By lunch time I wanted to lay down and have a nap but had other commitments booked. Funny how I felt just 10 minutes ago I could go for another walk although my legs felt like rubber and my emotions where up and down like a roller coster? The Monster within, was playing with me as now feeling like I have ran a marathon and I ache from head to toe.  You have been playing this ride all week.

I am getting to know this #MS #Monster all too well!  Oh, how much I have learned from you this last 3 years! Slow and steady wins the day! I know today I am sore, however, I will be even stronger tomorrow.

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