Thursday, October 31, 2013

Does your life depend on it?

Today having more energy then I have had in sometime and am so excited.  I feel my Fatigue Management approach is actually starting to over power this Monster. I always get disappointed when I know I'm loosing my battle and my physical/mental abilities has been compromised and fatigue has set in. In knowing the difficult climb I am in for to regain my stamina and strength.

I love this motivational picture.  As I do believe; "My Life Depends On staying active."  Within the last 3 years of this
chronic illness I am finding summer feeds this monster and slowly Creeps out from his box.  This last two years I find by pushing myself with slow intervals of physical activity helps me gain control of this illness with on and off battles throughout the seasons. But with each time, it seems not only to be harder physically but quicker to regain myself.

Starting to become active, is a challenge for the average person but even more so when you have the MSMonster fighting against you along the way.  

What it is like to fight MS? 
My battle with it as I call it; "My Monster in the Box! "

Visualize a big hairy monster (Giant like, like in the movies). Now visualize yourself, wrestling that huge strong beast and trying to place him in a steel cage or yourself.  With thing but your own body and strength. 

That is my experience and struggle with this beast within,  adding this over powering fatigue that over whelms those of us with MS. 

I fight this monster with exercise and a plant basted diet. I start with walking and work my way up to more challenging activities. I do push myself to exercise just like the fitness gruo' out there. However, that monster knocks be down when I have pushed my body to far.  He then show’s himself setting me back, sometimes back to the start. 

I believe that I am doing this for My Life Depends On It. To fight back and stay active. My quality of life.  I refuse to use a wheel chair and pray that I will never have to…. But if I do, you can bet, I will be fighting to get out of that thing and walk again.

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