Thursday, December 3, 2015

MS Lesson: Put your needs first. Exercise and Stress.

I have been finding that just doing the normal routine things in life have been put to the back burner lately.  I really have been slacking and pushing things off to the last minute. Taking my meds, eating, brushing my teeth and even pushing myself to hold off to go to the bathroom, which, has had its consequences .   Life for me has been busy lately. Not to mention I haven't even thought about the stressful experience of having to go out Christmas shopping yet and its only a few weeks away!

I honestly have been trying to hold off of that holiday stress of the stores and aggressive grumpy people who I think have forgot what the true meaning of Christmas is. For me and my family, so much has changed and taken from us. From loosing so many that we love to me having Multiple Sclerosis, we have love the fact of just being together for a evening, meal and laughter at Christmas. 

Yes, my health is paying for my new habits of over scheduling my days and procrastination! My MS Monster has awoke and is actively playing around within my body like a puppet on a string. My mind can't seem to focus on one thing for very long and wonders off to never never land now and then.  Leaving me feel that I haven't accomplished much of anything that day. These types of days are very frustrating and disappointing.

Today, I look back  to see what I did that the times I felt better. Feeling happy , positive, more active, more alert more like the old me that could handle any unexpected situations that me be thrown in the mix.   I see these where the days and times that I put my needs first before I did anything that day. I got myself into a routine. I took my medications first, exercising of some kind, usually working up to an hour a day, ate and went off with my day. Made sure I ate healthier, fresh enriched foods that helped my body.  I put my healths needs first and had things planned out.

I was successful, much like this morning! Got up. rested, visited with my husband while we had a coffee together and ate.  I ate a banana, like most days, I try to eat something small before exercise. 

Take my pre-workout drink, I go walk or walk on the treadmill. Drink a post-workout drink, so I am not so sore the next day. 

I took my medications after a shower, got dressed as if I where going to go out and to some errands. Although today I didn't have plans to leave the house it seem to have set my day off on the right foot. Placing me in the right direction to have a successful day. This has been something I been striving for and will continue.

We all need to plan out our days by putting ourself first.  If we don't put our self and our needs first, we can't enjoy doing things and be there not only for ourselves but most important others.  I love helping my family and friends and it is most disappointing to me when I can't be there for them. I have learned I have to put myself first so I can be there for others.  

I also find by putting my need to exercise my body each day also helps me deal with not just everyday stress, but major stressors that can send us with Multiple Sclerosis, into a down word spiral. These are unwanted as it not only activates the MS Monster within but sends us into a relapse which can potentially leave us with permeant nerve damage or disabilities. 

It IS NOT a selfish act to put your needs first.  For me that has been a hard lesson to learn; You must put yourself first, so you can live as the happy and fulfilled person you are meant to be.

I would love to hear how you have benefitted by putting your needs to fit exercise into your daily routine.


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