Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Me a Blogger? MS Blogger? Writer?

Wow! Who would have thought, me a writer? Blogger? Never!
I have become big on self development and self teaching.  So yes, at this point and time that I am at the beginning stages of *blogging*.   I like many had no idea where to start! 

I use to have my own internet web design company in which I taught others how to make the most of their computers in the home or office. Also the giving them an understanding with basics of the Internet and safety.

"Education is one thing no one can take from you in life."

It was a very busy and successful business in a the time the Internet was becoming available locally to the private sector in rural areas. I started it after attending college after I had my family. My teaching method was all hands on. I not only had my own classroom of eight computers but I also went into local businesses. Taught their staff how to switch from type writers to make the most out of their new, (office tool) computer! I was the village go to girl, Guru,  on how to do things on the computer. 

I always have been terrible at grammar and spelling, still am now. *Sigh* I always depended on the computers programmes to correct what it could. It really didn't serve me as well as I had hoped. A wonderful retired school teacher offered me tutoring which helped extremely.  

In time, I hired a wonderful lady, younger then I, in which  editing my writings was a small part of her duties. Just as she taught me so much about English and writing content, I think she too, enjoyed learning about web design and programming. 

I decided to chose to closed the business after the government started offering my main services I provided for free in our local library's. Although it wasn't as detailed, I decided to spend more time to focus in our family business. 

Sadly, my major MS Relapse in 2010, my memory was vastly affected and I had lost  all of what I had known about office work, web design and the computer.  I have to ask my daughter how to do things on them now. More then I would like to for the simplest things. 

So lately I have been dabbling with blogging. Thinking it would be a a great way to record my health. Not only by the seasons but the years.  Having a record of my MS journey, gives me great insight on what affects my mental and physical health. It has it been good therapy and a wonderful learning curve. 

I admit, Its been a process to try and do this type of technology thing again. Often I get emotionally  frustrated with how much MS has taken from me. On the other hand, slowly I am relearning. Which is a positive thing! My husband and I, now see what I use to do and appreciate all that I am able to do each and everyday. 

I know my spelling, grammar and English isn't what it should be to be a "professional" writer but it being a Blog, that's ok. I know I will improve! I am a self learner, determined. In this case I believe, they are all good qualities.

"We are never too old to learn."

Today I am taking a step deeper into this Blogging thing, as I bought a book.  "The Golden Rules of Blogging" by Robin Houghton. Thinking that maybe, just maybe, having a book in my hand might help me remember better, what I am now learning. I also listen to this new in thing called, Pod-casts about blogging as well. 

I am learning new things each day.  I am so excited about this new adventure and wanted to share this with you. What new things are you learning or teaching yourself? 

Wishing you the best in health.....

MS and Living Life.. with Sherry

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