Sunday, July 5, 2020

What I have learned in the COVID-19 Pandemic and having MS

For us here in Ontario Canada, the pandemic of  COVID-19, the lock down started for all communities and its residence in May 2020, for us here. When the world came to a sudden halt and everyone was to stay home, indoors and keep to those who lived under your own roof.  Many ordered their food from the local grocery stores and was delivered to their door steps.  People where leaving what they could for days and with other things they would disinfect the bags, boxes and their contents before entering the home.  It seemed as though the world as we knew it had come to an end and it was up to ourselves to keep our families safe and inside. Many not understanding what really was happening and just following government orders. 

Those who could started working from home, and others applied for the COVID relief founding the Canadian Government was offering to try and help those who depending on their pay checks to keep their payments  of mortgages and loans in check. Many businesses, even with the relief offered to them, still struggled and many closed their doors for good.  While others, renovated their products and helped supply the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and supplies needed to help keep the frontline workers safe throughout the pandemic as PPE quickly became limited with other countries stopping shipments of these items into our Country. Being scared that they too did not have enough for their own supply needed. 

Personally I think this shocked our own government into realizing they could not depend on other countries to work with us in a desperate time of need, like we in the past, have always been there to help our neighbouring Country out. Our own business here in Canada knew it was time to step up and help one another out.  Politicians, quickly assisted and reassured our residence that this would not happen again in history as the PPE's started shipping products out across our country. 

In time people where realizing how quick this illness was spreading within the province of  Quebec having the highest number of cases and deaths, with Ontario next behind.  Which this information can be found through out any Internet search. Testings of residence increased to find a truer stats on how the illness was spreading.  

Quickly old age homes became infected by the numbers and it was revealed not only to the public but the government how these homes where not giving the care that the elders needed or deserved.  Too bad it took having a world pandemic to reveal what terrible living situations and lack of care these people who worked hard in their younger years to give us the lives we have now. Not only that but how management have been providing lack of  workers needed to make sure these residences had the care they needed and deserved.  Placing the strain on onto the caregivers.  I am hoping now this situation being revealed will be better regulated not only for the residence of long term care fissility's but, also help the workers who provide this care.  People pay big money to have their parents and grandparents in these homes thinking they are getting the best care they can have.  Not all long term homes live up to this standard.  Hoping this being reviled as it has on the news, there will be better laws and regulations kept in check in the future.  

Many people have expressed anxiety of having to remain home and stop all travel.  Schools where shut down and people sat watching the new wondering when this would all stop and go back to life.  Life as we knew it is gone and I believe things that they are implementing now will be apart of our new normal.  Only to protect ourselves and others health and well-being.  

There are many theories one can find on any search on the internet as to how all this came about.  From the government being behind this silent chemical war fare to a tactic to eliminate cash and having to use cards for payment as it electronic payments create  paper trails for government officials to better control transactions that can bring in more revenue and eliminate cash all together.  Even with the bartering system they can not control what taxes they should receive from work done.  Someone agrees to you do this for me and I will do that for you....once again like cash it can be hard for them to track.  With eliminating cash dealings people have no choice.  It will be interesting to see where this all goes in the future. 

I have also learned that people can not live a life with a pandemic for long without out other groups trying to cause more crisis. Which can also be found throughout internet searches. 

Living through this pandemic life for those of us being elderly or having an autoimmune illnesses/ immune compromised illnesses is not really much different.  As we isolate ourselves daily from community and acquaintances so we do not pick up any illnesses.  We don't talk to many people throughout the day, weeks or months. Often many of us are stuck at home at the best of times. Either we can't get out or physically we don't feel well enough to get out.  People tend to leave us behind as they invite us out but quickly  leave us out because they assume we will decline the invitation. 

So when people ask me how I am doing with this pandemic.  I say good actually.  I know do not have to personally attend doctors appointments out of town as it is done virtually or over the telephone.  Which often days of an appointment in or out of town is mentally and physically draining. 

Ordering online and getting it brought to us, is also less draining.  Meeting with a friend on zoom, FaceTime or video conferencing is much less draining. Only there is no human contact.  Which is the way it is meant to be until the pandemic is over and all services in our communities is reopened.   I am hoping that this will make others think about those who are normally stuck at home and do not have contact much with others and quietly  sit at home.  

Maybe one can drop a meal off for someone or offer to pick things up for them when all his has settled down.  Hoping maybe people will pick up the phone just to call and say hello, and check on someone.  I am hoping the communities will become  more kinder  and caring citizens. 

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